How do I use the Pearl Freedom book scanner in the Green Card Area in the Hugh Owen Library?

The scanner converts pages into a digital image, audio file or can be used to output text to a Braille Display.

Click Play to watch a video:


  • Contact the AccessibilityAdvisor to register for Green Card Access if you are not currently a Green Card User
  • Place your document in line with the back panel
  • Click Open Book from the Desktop
  • Click Acquire
    Acquire a page
  • Click Acquire a Page
  • If prompted to select scanner:
    • Select Pearl Camera
    • Click OK
  • After scanning the document you can;
    • View an image version of the page by selecting this in the view menu
    • Split the screen to view the scanned picture of the page and the text version at the same time
  • If the text is not clear:
    • Adjust the angle of the document
    • Click Acquire
    • Click ReRecognise
  • Copyright legislation applies when scanning ( Where can I find this? )

How do I Customize Open book?

  • Click Low Vision
    low vision
  • Click Customize
  • Click OK