How do I access my online exam? (Student)

Online exams at Aberystwyth University use a system called Questionmark Perception.

  • How do I access the online exam?
  • When can I access my online exam?
  • What browser can I use to access my online exam?
  • How to navigate an online exam?


How do I access my online exam?

  1. When sitting an online exam in an examination venue you will be asked to log into a PC with your AU username and password and click on the Aber Online Exam’s icon on the desktop.

Alternatively, to access an online exam, or mock online exam you can go to

Note: If you are off-campus install AberVPN on your computer (see ) and then click on the AberVPN icon on your desktop before going to


  1. You will be asked for AU username and password.

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3. Click the ‘Start’ button next to the exam you are sitting.

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  1. When sitting an online exam in one of the examination venues (not applicable to mock exams) you will be asked for the monitor name and password.

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All students sitting the exam will be given a monitor name and password at the beginning of the exam by an invigilator or other member of staff.

Note: Online exams are saved automatically every ten minutes. If connection to the exam is lost (browser closed or PC crashes) you will be able to resume your exam from the last save. Follow the steps above but click on the ‘Resume’ button instead of ‘Start’.

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When can I access my online exam?

Mock exams

All online exams that run via Questionmark are only available for a set time period. During the year, your instructors may make a mock exam available to you. This mock exam may be sat in a computer room in a formal exam setting or in your own time on own your own device.

Your instructors will circulate specific instructions for each mock exam.


Mid-semester or end of semester exams

The dates of your end of module online exams will be made available in the same way as your paper-based exams via the examination timetable. Your instructors will notify you of room locations.

These exams will only be available for the duration of the exam, and can only be sat in the computer room specified.


What browser should I use to access my online exam?

It is advisable to use an AU computer room and the Google chrome browser for all online exams.

If it is necessary to use another browser, we recommend Firefox.


How to navigate an online exam?

You can change the font size and the page contrast in the upper right-hand corner.

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