How do I map a network drive/connect to my personal filestore (M drive)? (Windows)

To connect to your filestore your computer must be connected to the University Network (How do I do that?). If you are not connected to the University Network but have an internet connection you can use FTP (How do I do that?)

If you are using Windows 7/8/10 we can do this automatically for you by clicking the button below:

Do It For Me icon

Otherwise, you can follow the manual instructions below:

  • Open My Documents/File Explorer
  • Right click Computer/This PC from menu on the left
  • Click Map network drive
  • In the Drive: box, select a letter from the drop down menu
    • Use M: if you're connecting to your own personal Filestore
    • If you want to connect to more than one network drive, you must choose a different letter for each connection
  • In the Folder box, enter \\\abc where abc is your Aber username
  • If you want to reconnect to this drive every time you login to your computer, tick the Reconnect at logon/Reconnect at sign-in box
  • Check the Connect using different credentials box

  • In the Username box enter PAU\abc where abc is your Aber username
  • Enter your password in the Password box
  • Click Finish
  • In the window that appears type in the username and password of the account you are mapping

NOTE: Even if you check the Reconnect at Logon: box, the machine will still prompt you to re-type the password every time you log on unless you log on to the computer with the same username and password as the drive you have mapped.