How do I set up my computer to use VPN? (Mac)

  • Click the Apple Icon Apple symbol
  • Click on System Preferences
    Screenshot of Apple symbol drop down menu
  • Click on Network
    Screenshot of the Network icon
  • Click the + symbol located at the bottom left
    Screenshot of the add icon
  • Change the Interface drop down menu to VPN
  • Change the VPN Type drop down menu to PPTP
  • Change the service name to Aber VPN
  • Click Create
    Screenshot of the VPN setup options
  • Select Aber VPN
  • Enter Server Address: and Account Name: Your University Username
    Screenshot of the VPN settings
  • Click the Authentication Settings... button
  • Enter your University password
    Screenshot of the VPN password options
  • Click OK
  • Tick Show VPN status in menu bar
  • Click Apply
  • You must then set up your computer to use the webcache ( How do I do that? ). If you do not so this your VPN connection will not work properly.
  • To connect click the VPN symbol located at the top right on the status bar
    VPN icon in Leopard
  • Click Connect Aber VPN
    Screenshot of the VPN connection drop down menu

In addition:

  • You must ensure your computer is secure from virus attacks, hacking and spyware ( How do I do that? )
  • You may set up your computer for use with your University computing account (optional) ( How do I do that? )