How do I edit my Online Staff Profile? (ABW)

  • Login to Aber People (
  • Select the Your employment tab

    Screen Shot showing the Your Employment tab in Aber People.
  • Follow the Your personnel information link
  • From the tabs along the top of the page select Web profile

    Screen Shot showing the Web Profile tab in Aber People.
  • Make your changes and select the Save button when you have finished
  • To add a photo select the paperclip icon in the top-right of the screen then select Add a document, choosing Image For Web Profile Etc as the Document type


Things to consider when you change your Online Staff Profile:

  • Information can be stored in English and Welsh, but please make sure both are synchronised if you use both languages
  • Information should be easily understood, so avoid unnecessary use of jargon and abbreviations
  • Make sure you consider correct spelling & punctuation (ask a friend if you're uncertain)
  • Be consistent in the way you write your profile
  • Remember, this web page reflects you in your capacity as a University member of staff
  • Don't list modules that you teach (these are added automatically by the system)
  • For academic members of staff research output is generated by Pure.


You can use Markdown to add simple formatting to your staff profile. For more information on how this works visit the following web page: