How do I use the Blackboard student app?

Bb Student App imageInformation Services is pleased to provide the Blackboard Bb Student app for mobile devices, free of charge for students at Aberystwyth University.

How do I access AberLearn Blackboard through a mobile device?

Bb Student gives you access to the learning materials in all your AberLearn Blackboard modules. Bb Student replaces the old Mobile Learn app – if you have used this, now is a good time to upgrade, for free!

We know that students have found the app useful and that some of you have already purchased it. If you have paid for Bb Student or Mobile Learn since September 2016 Information Services will refund the cost in printer credit (send your digital receipt to to claim your refund).

What it's good for

Bb Student is a good way of keeping up-to-date with your AberLearn Blackboard courses on the go:

  • View your courses and course materials such as slides and handouts. You may need to download separate apps for viewing PDFs or PowerPoints.
  • See when new material is added to your Blackboard courses.
  • View your marks and feedback on Blackboard tests and assignments.

What it's not so good for

  • The app doesn’t recognise Turnitin – so you won’t see Turnitin due dates, marks or feedback.
  • E-submission – we can’t guarantee submission from tablets or phones, so don’t use the app for submitting either Blackboard Assignments or Turnitin.
  • If you want to view AberCast Panopto recordings, you will need to download a separate app from your app store.

Have a look at the Blackboard video for more information