Changes to Department naming structure in IS systems

On 06 March 2017 Information Services will start a project to change the way department codes are formatted, displayed and populated in our systems.

This will see the Department codes used in IS systems using the same structure and naming convention as those used in ABW, the HR/Payroll system.

For example _infoserv becomes SD26

This will have the following advantages:

  • Consistent department names across AU systems
  • Greater granularity of department structures in IS systems
  • Easier implementation of departmental title changes

Impact on users

This change was implemented for Information Services as a test and we have developed a procedure for populating the change throughout IS systems which should mean there is minimal impact for users.

Impact for developers using Active Directory

This change will mean that within the active directory, where previously staff departmental groups were shown as, for example, _infoserv_staff, they will now be shown as sd26_staff. This will be most noticeable to users of SharePoint who use departmental groups to set permissions.

Any departmental systems using the active directory for authentication will need to be updated to adapt to these changes.

Information Services have no way of identifying these services but are happy to advise and assist departments in making these changes.

The schedule for the changes is as follows:

Current Department Name in IS systems Changing to ABW Department Code Date of change
- SD40 (Mauritius Campus) Completed
 61 - education SD29 (Music Centre) Completed
126 - artscent SD04 (Arts Centre) Completed
168 - studun SD44 (Guild of Students) Completed
172 - estates SD17 (Estates Development) Completed
123 - cont.ed SD47 (Canolfan Astudiaethau Addysg (CAA)) Completed
125 - registry SD25 (Human Resources) Completed
131 - ibers SD19 (Farms) Completed
62 - physed SD32 (Sports Centre) Completed
150 - develop SD27 (International Office) Completed
166 - resident SD14 (Campus Services (Facilities Management)) Completed
125 - registry SD36 (VC & PVC) Completed
125 - registry SD30 (Planning) Completed
166 - resident SD38 (Estates Development (Property Services)) Completed
150 - develop SD31 (Research, Business & Innovation) Completed
- SD39 (Innovation Campus) Completed
166 - resident SD45 (Campus Services (Hospitality Services)) Completed
125 - registry SD06 (CDSAP) Completed
125 - registry SD34 (Student Support Services) Completed
166 - resident SD16 (Campus Services (Trading Services)) Completed
125 - registry SD09 (Communications Office) Completed
125 - registry SD24 (Health & Safety) Completed
125 - registry SD13 (Development & Alumni Relations Office) Completed
125 - registry SD07 (Welsh Language Services) Completed
125 - registry SD12 (Design Studio) Completed
125 - registry SD33 (Student Recruitment) Completed
125 - registry SD20 (Finance) Completed
125 - registry SD01 (Academic Office) 30/05/17
125 - registry SD08 (CWPESI) 31/05/17