How do I set up GlobalProtect VPN (Windows)?

Set up authenticator first

  • Before you can use VPN, you will need to set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for your account (How do I do that? ). You will need to do this while still on campus.

On a PAU domain laptop or IS loan stock laptop

On your own computer:

  • Download Global protect agent for Windows
    do it for me
  • Follow the installation guide
  • Set the Portal address to

When off-campus and needing to connect to VPN

  • Select Global Protect from the system tray

  • Login with your Aberystwyth Username and Password

  • You will be asked for your one-time password (OTP):
    • Open the authenticator app you chose when setting up MFA
    • Make a note of the temporary password it generates. The passwords generated by the authenticator app expire every 60 seconds. If the password on the screen is about to expire, wait for it to refresh
    • Switch back to the GlobalProtect app and enter the one-time password. If the one-time password expired, you will need to get a new one from your authenticator app



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