How do I set up GlobalProtect VPN (Linux)?

Set up authenticator first

  • Before you can use VPN, you will need to set up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for your account (What is multi-factor authentication? ). You will need to do this while still on campus.
  • This is separate to the 2-step verification used for your email

  • Download global protect for linux from software download page here
  • Follow instructions in the video below to unpackage the download and install Global Protect
    • Please note some steps may take a while to complete.

  • Make sure to choose the appropriate package for your version of Linux once you have unpackaged the tar file.
    • .deb files are used on Debian and Ubuntu
    • .rpm files are used on RedHat
  • Please note that the file verision is likely to change, you will need to make sure the correct package is used after the tar is unpackaged.
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