How can I pay my library fines online?


  • Go to and login
  • Click My Account in the top right corner of the page
    My account on Primo
  • Click Fines & Fees on the left side of the page
    My account on Primo
  • This will show you all the fines you have on your account. As you can see the account below has a £2.00 fine. Click Pay your Fines online if you wish to pay your fine.
    My account on Primo
  • This also shows you how much you have left on each fine to pay. 

  • Click Pay Selected Items.
  • The Pay Selected Items window reviews how much you are going to pay and which items you are paying against:
    My account on Primo
  • The final Step is to fill out the payment form:

  • Click Continue once you have filled the form in.
  • Once you click Continue you will be told if your payment was successful or not.
  • You will receive two emails telling you that your fine has been paid and it has been successfully cleared from your account
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