How do I use my VOIP phone? (7821)

Please note that these are the instructions for Cisco IP Phone model: 7821

Logging in to the phone

You can log in to any IP phone across campus. Please note that when you log into a phone, if you are logged into another phone you are logged out instantly.

N.B. If another user is logged in you need to log them out first. To do that click here

  • Press the Settings button

  • And the 6 for Cisco Extension Mobility

  • Now you can use your UserID and PIN to log in. Please note you will need to use the Circle pad keys ( ) to navigate up and down between the two

Answering another phone that is ringing

  • You will get a notification on the screen

  • Lift the handset and then press the More > button

  • Then press the PickUp button

  • When you are done, press End Call




Putting a call on hold

  • Press the Hold button. You will know the call is on hold because the button next to the call will flash green

  • To return to the call, press the Resume button


Transferring a call

  • During a call, press the Transfer button, the original call is automatically put on hold

  • Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call
  • When you hear ringing, press Transfer again (blind transfer), or when the Party answers, announce the call and then press Transfer (screened transfer)

You may want to blind transfer a call when the caller has dialled the wrong number. You may want to screen transfer if there is a background to the call, such as you have helped somebody to the best of your ability; let the recipient know what you have done.

  • If the party refuses the call, or they are busy, press the End Call button, then the Resume button to return to original call


Forwarding a call

You may wish to use call forwarding when you are busy, or out of the office.

  • Press the Fwd All button

  • Enter the number to which you want to forward all your calls (to forward to voicemail press the Voicemail button)
  • To cancel forwarding, press the Fwd All button once more

Checking missed calls

Your IP phone will inform you if you have any missed calls.

  • To check these, press the Settings button

  • Then press 1 (for Call History)

  • If you have multiple lines, select which one you want or All Lines

  • A list of calls is displayed. Press the Missed key to filter only the calls you've missed

  • Simply navigate through the calls using the Circle pad keys ( ) and if you need to return a call, press the Call button

Logging out of the phone

  • Press the Settings button

  • And then 6 (for Cisco Extension Mobility)

  • You are then asked if you would like to log out. Select Yes