I cant find an EndNote connection file or import filters for the resource I am using, what should I do?

 If you are using a campus computer in a computer room or library, contact the subject librarians librarians@aber.ac.uk / 01970621896 with details of the connection file or import filter you need, or with the file/filter attached.

If you are using your own computer, or an institution-owned computer in an office or lab, you can download connection files or import filters from the EndNote website

Connection files: http://endnote.com/downloads/connections
Filters: http://endnote.com/downloads/filters

directly into the Connections or Filters folders in the EndNote program folder on the hard drive of your computer e.g. C:\Program Files\EndNote).

The Connection file for Primo is available for download from here: https://endnote.com/connections_download/aberystwyth-university-u-k/


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