How do I create a module reading list in Aspire?

Before creating a new module reading list Aspire, read this FAQ to ensure you are prepared.

Should the Create new list button not appear, you need to arrange Aspire permissions. (How do I do that?)]

The following screen will appear

create new list

  • In the List name box type the module code followed by the name of the module e.g. LZ30510:Final year dissertation
  • Click Select Hierarchy and type in the module code
    link to hierarchy
  • Select the correct module from the list. Click Save

You must link your list to the hierarchy so that you can publish it and it will become visible in AberLearn BlackBoard

  • Choose the appropriate semester from the Semester menu

You must choose a semester otherwise your list will not be copied over to the next academic year.

You don't need to add the number of students as library staff will use student number data from Astra for purchasing/digitising.

  • Click Create List .

You will then be prompted to confirm whether you are the owner of the list or not. You can change this later ( How do I do that? )

  • Click My Lists to view all your lists


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