How do I add Blackboard modules for marking in the Turnitin iPad app? (Staff)

1. Download the Feedback Studio for iPad app from the App Store.

2. Generate an Blackboard module access code from your desktop computer:

  • Sign into Blackboard here
  • Click on the relevant module in Blackboard on the page under your My Modules tab.
  • On the left hand side under Course Management expand Control Panel by clicking on the black arrow if not already expanded.
  • Expand Course Tools
  • Click Turnitin Assignments
  • Click on the relevant assignment
  • Click the information icon on any submission and then select Generate Code 


  • The unique access code will be displayed. Make a note of this access code.

3. Go to the Turnitin app on the iPad and tap the Log in with Access Code tab.

  • Enter the access code you made a note of earlier (no spaces) and tap return. The access code is not case sensitive.
  • The module and assignments will now appear under Accounts > Aberystwyth University > "Module Name"
  • To add further modules tap on the Profile icon and and tap Add class with access code.

  • Each module you want to add requires a unique access code
  • To fetch all submissions for an assignment before you begin marking, tap on a student submission in the relevant assignment and click Sync Submissions when prompted.
  • Alternatively you can Sync Submissions via the Assignment Info area at the top right corner:

4. You are now ready to mark offline.

5. Once you have finished marking and are back online, ensure that the marks and feedback have synced back into Turnitin:

  • Your papers should automatically sync if you have turned on Sync Submissions in the Assignment Info area (as above).
  • Check that the papers have synced back to Turnitin on your desktop computer before unlinking your iPad. Logging out will delete ALL content on the iPad.
  • Go to Profile in the top right corner and press Log Out



Please see for more information using Turnitin and Blackboard.