How do I upload a video to the Media Library (Medial)?

To upload a copyright-cleared video, or video content you have created:

  • Go to the Media Library (Medial formerly Helix) at 
  • Log in using your AU username and password
  • Select Upload

    image to show the upload button in Helix
  • Add a title for your video.
    • If the video is for use in AberLearn Blackboard use the following naming convention modulename-username-filename e.g. BB10110-oew-intro1.
  • Select a category.
    • You should only have the option to select public categories, e.g. public, graduation, default, or your own departmental category.
  • Add a description for the video.
  • Add your name and email address for the contributor section.
  • Click Next .
  • Click Upload Media and select your video (file types allowed are *.mov;*.avi;*.wmv;*.flv;*.mpg;*.mp4;*.mp3;*.wav;*.wma).
  • Once the file has uploaded, click Next to select a thumbnail for your video, or upload a different one.
  • Click Next to upload Associated files and Caption files.
  • Click Finish and your video will begin encoding.
  • You will receive an email once the video has encoded.