I'm not receiving any new email messages - what should I do? (Outlook 2010/2013/2016)

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to see all of your mail or why some of your messages are missing:

Spam filters

Incoming messages may have been marked as spam, check the Junk E-Mail Folder in Outlook.

Outlook email filters

Outlook has a filtering system which allows you to automatically filter mail into specific folders. To view any filters you have on your email go to File and Manage Rules and Alerts.

In addition, Outlook has its own junk e-mail filter which may re-file or delete messages (depending on your settings) it detects as 'junk'. Please check your Junk e-mail folder to see if your missing mail is stored there.

Changing the display view of your email messages

Email handlers normally offer you a number of different views in which to display your mail. These sometimes get changed accidentally. You can check the view you are using by:

  • in Outlook - click on the mail folder and go to View and look under the Arrangement section
  • in Webmail - going to Options and Display preferences
  • in Outlook Web App - click on your mail folder and go to View and See more Conversation options

Outlook may have autoarchived your mail

  • The autoarchive facility in Microsoft Outlook is switched on by default.
  • It will attempt to autoarchive your mail every 14 days.
  • It should ask you before archiving but you may have clicked 'Yes' to autoarchiving without realising it.
  • To find out where Outlook has autoarchived your mail to:
    • Go to File and Mailbox Cleanup
    • Click Cleanup tools
    • Make a note of the filepath and name where it says Archive file:
    • You can then re-import the messages into your account by going to File and Import and Export
  • You may wish to turn off the AutoArchive facility so the same problem does not happen again.

Outlook may be working Offline

If you access Outlook or Internet Explorer while disconnected from the Internet your setting may have been changed to Work Offline. If you reconnect to the network this setting is not always set back to Work Online, as a result you need to do this manually.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and go to the File menu
  • Expand the menu
  • If there is a tick next to Work Offline, click on it to remove the tick
  • You should now be online and in the bottom right hand corner it should say Connected
    Image of the Outlook status bar