How do I use my VOIP phone? (7911/7912)

Please note that these are the instructions for the Cisco IP Phone 7911 and Cisco IP Phone 7912 . Please note that the Cisco IP Phone 7911 and 7912 have the same menu structure. Although the pictures used in this FAQ are for the 7911, you will see the same options on your 7912 phone screen.

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Below is how the standard navigation panel looks on the Cisco IP Phone 7911:

The Navigational Panel

Logging in to the phone

You can log in to any IP phone across campus. Please note that when you log into a phone, if you are logged into another phone you are logged out instantly.

N.B. If another user is logged in you need to log them out first. To do that click here

  • Press the Menu button

The Menu Button

  • Next press 4 (for Services)

Select Services

  • Now you can use your UserID and PIN to log in. Please note you will need to use the Arrow keys ( The Arrow keys ) to navigate up and down between the two

Login screen

Answering another phone that is ringing

You can only answer phones that are in your group.

  • Lift the handset and then press the more button

Select more

  • Then press the PickUp button

Select PickUp

Putting a call on hold

  • Press the Hold button (this is the button with the hexagonal symbol on it). You will know the call is on hold because the button will flash red

The Hold Button

  • To return to the call, press the Hold button again

Returning to the Call

Transferring a call

  • During a call, press the Transfer button, the original call is automatically put on hold

Select Transfer

  • Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call

Completing the Transfer

  • When you hear ringing, press Transfer again (blind transfer), or when the Party answers, announce the call and then press Transfer (screened transfer)

You may want to blind transfer a call when the caller has dialled the wrong number. You may want to screen transfer if there is a background to the call, such as you have helped somebody to the best of your ability; let the recipient know what you have done.

  • If the party refuses the call, or they are busy, press the End Call button, then the Hold button to return to original call

Returning to the Call

Forwarding a call


You may wish to use call forwarding when you are busy, or out of the office.

  • Press the more button

Select more

  • Then press the CFwdAll button

Select CFwdAll

  • Enter the number to which you want to forward all your calls (to forward to voicemail press the Msgs button)
  • To cancel forwarding, press the CFwdAll button once more

Checking missed calls

Your IP phone will inform you if you have any missed calls.

  • To check these, first press the Menu button

The Menu Button

  • Then press 2 (for Directories)

Select Directories

  • Then press 1 (for Missed Calls)

Select Missed Calls

  • A list of calls is displayed. Simply navigate through the calls using the Arrow keys ( The Arrow keys ) , and if you need to return a call, press the Dial button

Missed Calls List

Logging out of the phone

  • Press the Menu button

The Menu Button

  • Next press 4 (for Services)

Select Services

  • And then 1 (for Cisco Extension Mobility)

Select Cisco Extension Mobility

  • You are then asked if you would like to log out. Select Yes

Logout screen

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