How do I add a journal article to an Aspire reading list using the bookmarklet tool?

On the page which contains bibliographic detail about the article including the DOI or other permanent link (not the table of contents for the issue)
journal page with DOI

Important: If full text is not available you will need to add a Note for library saying "Please digitise" in the Aspire bookmark you are about to create; instructions are included below.

  • Click Add to my bookmarks (or whatever you have called Aspire bookmarklet) on your browser's bookmarks bar

A new Aspire record opens with Resource Type: Article and two tabs, one for the Article and one for the Journal.

NB: Firefox users: the link to the article opens a new window without a Bookmarks toolbar. Copy its URL and paste it into a tab next to the Aspire one.

If the article has Resource Type: Webpage or Document instead, cancel it and try adding the article manually ( How do I do that? )
bookmarking from JSTOR

  • Click Create & Add to List to immediately add your bookmark to an existing list ( How do I do that? ) Important: if the full text of the article is not available you will need to add a Note to library saying "Please digitise" when completing this step.


  • Click Create if you want to add a bookmark for later addition to a list ( How do I do that? )