How do I request a rare book or an item from the external store?

To borrow an item listed in Primo as Available at External Store or view an item listed in a Rare Book location in Primo, submit a request via Primo.

N.B. You can only view a Rare Book within the Library in the Rare Book viewing area which is supervised. They cannot be borrowed.

Where can I view requests I have made

  • Sign in to Primo
  • Click My Account in the top right corner
  • Click the Requests tab where you can view your requests and cancel any if you wish

How do I request a rare book or a book from the External Store?

Click find & request

  • Under Request Options, Click Request to open the Request Options dialogue box

  • If there is more than one copy of the book you can click Specify Issue/copy and select the copy you want.
  • Select the Pickup Location from the menu if requesting an External Store book
  • Click on Request to complete

You will receive an email when your book is ready for collection or viewing. Visit your chosen pickup location to collect your requested External Store book. To view your Rare Book visit the library location listed in the Primo record for that book, where you will be taken to the viewing area.


How do I request a specific volume of a journal from the External Store?

  • Visit Primo and Sign In

  • Locate the journal and click on Find & Request

  • If you see the volume/issue you require click on Request next to the one you want. This will take you to the Request Options form where you can select your Pickup Location and click Request

  • If the volume you require is not listed in Find & Request, but should be available according to the the Summary Holdings description, click Request next to any of the volumes

  • When the Request Options form opens click Specify Issue/Copy

specify issue copy button

  • Enter your required Volume, Issue and Year, choose your Pickup Location , add any comments you have to field provided then click on Request

You will receive an email when the volume has been retrieved.

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