Ive added books and other items to My Bookmarks in Aspire - how do I add them to my Aspire reading list?

  • Sign in to Aspire ( How do I do that? )
  • Click My Lists
  • Click on the list that you want to add the bookmark to
  • Click the Editand select Edit list
    edit list
  • Find the bookmark that you want to add to the list

  • Using the arrowed cross to the left of the bookmark, drag and drop the bookmark to the position where you want it to appear on the list
    add bookmark

At this stage it is important to set the importance level of the book and to add any notes for the student and the library

  • Click on Edit notes and Importance
    set importance

  • Enter any notes for students

  • Set the importance level (Essential or Further reading) using the dropdown menu

  • Add a note for the library if required. Click Save
    edit item


The book will now appear in your reading list



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