Can I export references from Cadair into Endnote?

Yes, we have incorporated an Endnote export button at the bottom of every item page. When you click on this button, the easiest method is :

Choose "Open" to import the reference directly into Endnote. This will only work on a computer with the Endnote software installed. (You may be prompted to browse for and select a reference library, which is the file where you have saved your references.) Further instructions on using Endnote can be found in the Information Services FAQs.


Saving the reference to import it into Endnote later

If you are trying to save the reference to disk on a computer without Endnote installed so that you can import it into Endnote later on a different computer, you should follow these steps:

  • Select " Save " and browse for a location to save the file " references " where you will be able to find it later on the computer that has Endnote installed (for example a network drive, pen drive or another type of removable storage device).

  • Later, on the computer with Endnote installed, select the menu " File " and choose " Import ".

  • In the drop-down menu " Import Data File ", browse for the file " references " where you saved it earlier.

  • In the drop-down menu " Import Option " select the format " Endnote Import ".

  • In the drop-down menu " Duplicates " select " Import All " (the default option).

  • In the drop-down menu " Text Translation " select " No Translation " (the default option).

  • Click on " Import ". The reference should now appear in " Imported References ".


Endnote Web

You can import the reference into Endnote Web as follows:

  • Select " Collect " and then " Import References ".

  • Browse under "File" for where you saved the file " references ".

  • In the drop-down menu " Filter " you should select " Endnote Import ".

  • In the drop-down menu " Group " you should select a group that you have already created where you would like to import the reference.


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