How do I deploy a test or survey in Blackboard? (Staff)

When a Blackboard test or survey has been created (How do I do that?), it will need to be deployed to a content area before students can access it.

  • Click on Assessment and Feedback (or other content area if not an assessment).  
  • Click on the Assessments tab 
  • Choose Test or Survey from the dropdown menu.

    • Select the test or survey you want to deploy and click Submit

      Screenshot of the 'Create Test' section. It shows a number of options such as 'Create a New Test,' and 'Add an Existing Test.'
    • Select which options you would like to apply to your test or survey. (What Test Options should I apply to my Blackboard Test or Survey?)
    • Once you are happy with the options, click Submit.

      NOTE: You can change these options at any point by locating the test in the content area, and selecting Edit the Test Options from the drop down menu.

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