How do I create a video assignment point to attach grades and feedback to? (Staff)

Note: It is recommended that those using Panopto for Assignment uploads for the first time contact the E-Learning Team for advice.

In the Blackboard module go to:

  • Assignments
  • Assessments
  • Turnitin Assignment

Select Paper Assignment and click Next Step

Under Assignment Title state the Turnitin point is for grades and feedback only, for example:

“View Grade & Feedback for Assignment ? Here - from x date....”

  • Give a Point Value of 100

To prevent students from submitting work to the assignment (which could delete the feedback provided):

  • Set the Due date to be immediately after  the Start date
  • Say No to Allow submissions after the due Date?

Under Optional settings, Enter special instructions, make clear that students are not expected to submit files to this assignment. For example:


To View your Grade and Feedback for the assignment either click on the above link, or go to the Tools menu on the left and My Grades.”

  • Say Yes to Reveal grades to students only on post-date?
  • Enable anonymous marking? should be set to No
  • Press Submit and OK.

If you want the Turnitin point only to be available to students on the Post Date:

Go to:

  • Assignments
  • The down arrow at the right of the Turnitin point
  • Adaptive Release
  • Set a display after date of the Post date for the Assignment
  • Presss Submit and OK
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