How do I read and print from a Credo ebook I have found in Primo?

Read or Listen to a Credo e-book

  • To read the Credo e-book through your web browser, select the chapter you would like to read below the Contents tab.
  • To listen to an audio version of the text, ensure you are using Chrome or Firefox browser, and click Read Aloud:

Read Aloud symbol

  • Once the audio player opens, click the  symbol on the left:

Credo e-books audio player image

  • You can adjust the volume with the speaker symbol (centre), and download an mp3 file (right). 

Print or copy from a Credo e-book

  • A copy of the chapter can be downloaded using the Print option (select either Download PDF for Printing or Export to Google Drive)

  • Text can be copied using Ctrl+C

Advice on Off-Campus Access for Credo e-books

  • You will need to Sign in using the Primo for off-campus link in Primo before you can access Credo e-books off-campus (How do I do that?):

Primo for off-campus symbol

  • Open the record for the e-book in Primo, then click View Online
  • Full text available at: Credo Reference 


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