How do I extend the deadlines for submission points?

Turnitin Submissions

  • Log in to Blackboard and go to the relevant module
  • Underneath Course Management, expand Course Tools, and Turnitin Assignments
  • Click on the assignment that you wish to amend.
  • Select Edit assignment from the top row:

Screen grab of options in the Turnitin inbox. First is Assignment Inbox and second is Edit assignment. Click on edit assignment

  • Amend the Due Date by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting the new date. The time for submission should remain the same but double-check. Note that dates should only be moved to the future.

Screen shot showing the area of Due Date - click on the calendar to amend the date.

  • Amend the Post Date to the new date. On the post date, assignments are de-anonymised and marks and feedback are visible to students. Click on the calendar:

Screen shot showing the area of Post date- click on the calendar to amend the date.

  • Once you have made the amendments, click Submit.
  • You will be taken back to the Turnitin assignment inbox.
  • Click on Turnitin Assignments under Course Tools to go back to all the assignments on the module.

Note: if you use Adaptive Release for date, you will need to amend this in the main content area of the module.

Blackboard Assignments

  • Login to Blackboard and go to the relevant modules
  • Find the Blackboard Assignment submission point – normally in Assessment and Feedback
  • Click on the downwards arrow next to the name of the assignment
  • Choose Change Due Date

Image of the Change Due Dates option when Editing a Blackboard Assignment

  • Select the correct new Due Date and press Submit

Remember that by default all marks are visible to students straightaway with Blackboard Assignment. If you haven’t already hidden the Grade Centre column from students, you should do it now. Remember you will have to un-hide it when marking is complete:

  • Go into the Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre
  • Find the appropriate column
  • Click on the downwards arrow next the name
  • Choose Hide from Students (On/Off)
  • If the column is hidden it will show a grey circle with a red line through it

Image of the Grade Centre Column with the symbol for the hidden Grade Centre (a red line through a grey circle)

Once the marks are ready for the students to see, follow the steps above to show the marks to the students.

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