How do I prepare my online reading list for the academic year 2020-2021?

Preparing your online reading list 09/09/2020 - slide presentation (5 minute video)

Preparing your online reading list 09/09/2020 - demonstration in Aspire (15 minute video)

Add to your Aspire list

  • Continue to add books and new editions of existing books. The Library will continue to check for the availability of ebooks and buy them
  • Ensure that essential books have the importance in Aspire set to Essential; this helps library staff make informed decisions about purchasing expensive or limited access ebooks
  • Find and add alternative online sources, particularly for weekly readings and other important sources that your students need to be able access to access easily. These could be journal articles and digitised sources such as historical books and periodicals, and television and radio programmes
  • Add a link to off-campus advice

Request digitisations

The Library can digitise

  • a journal article
  • 2 chapters / 20% of a book whichever is the greater

and make it available online is your Aspire reading list under CLA HE license (publisher copyright permitting).

To make the request in Aspire, add the article or chapter to the list and click the Request Digitisation button

Adjust the structure of the reading list

  • If you haven’t already done so, add sections to the list for weekly readings, themes etc. to help students navigate the list. 
  • Where possible, focus your list around online sources 
    • List online items before print-only items where appropriate
    • If an ebook is only available to one or a few users simultaneously, add a note to student explaining this and refer them to a section of online content on the same theme for them to read
    • Acknowledge that some resources in your list are not available online (as necessary) either in the list description or in a the description to a section where they are located; explain that students can investigate these when they become available
  • Avoid excessively long lists; signpost not spoon-feed

Is your book available as an ebook?

If you have written a book which is on a module reading list, and you know there is no ebook available for library purchase, please contact your publisher to request one.

Remember to Publish

If you can see the Publish button at the top of your list in Aspire, your list needs publishing - click Publish so

  • the Library can buy the books and process the digitisations you have added
  • your students will see the changes you have made to your list in Blackboard

Aim to complete your reading list by the usual deadlines

  • Semester 1 modules – 31st July
  • Modules taught over both semesters – 31st July
  • Semester 2 modules – 30th November

This year we cannot promise to successfully resource your reading list in time for teaching if you leave it late. Incomplete reading lists can impact student satisfaction with modules so please get in touch with your subject librarian now if you won’t be able to meet these deadlines.

Help and support

Contact your subject librarian with any questions or book a one-to-one over MS Teams 

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