How do I set up a Teams Meeting in Blackboard? (Staff)

Setting up the Meeting

Login to Blackboard

Go to the appropriate module and the location you want the AU Teams Meeting Link to appear in (e.g. Learning Materials)

Click on Tools > AU Teams Meeting

Screen grab of the drop down menu from Tools. AU Teams is highlighted.

Add a Subject for the Teams Meeting Link. This should be Module Code, Event, Date and Time (e.g., AU11010, Seminar 1 Monday 28 September 2pm)

creen grab of the Create Teams Meeting Interface. Subject line is highlighted and message is also included.


Add any instructions about the Teams Meeting in the Message box

Schedule the Start Time, and End Time (note you need to make sure that the end date is set to the correct day)

Screen grab of schedule options. Start Time (date, and end time, time) displayed. End time options date and time.

By default:

  • The AU Teams Meeting Link will be available to students as a content item.
  • A Blackboard announcement will appear linking the students to the AU Teams Meeting Link content item.

Click Submit

To Send an Announcement Email to Students

Click on Announcements.

Edit the Announcement for the newly created Teams Meeting.

Under Web Announcement Options tick the box next to Send a copy of this announcement.

Click Submit.


Meeting Permissions

To change meeting permissions for example to limit who can present see How can I restrict who can do what in a Teams meeting?

Joining the Teams Meeting

The Teams Meeting will be automatically added into your Outlook calendar (as you are the organiser). Students can add it to their calendar from Blackboard.

15 minutes before the start of the meeting, you and the students can join the Teams meeting from the AU Teams Meeting Link in Blackboard. You can also join from your Outlook calendar.

After you have created the AU Teams Meeting Link you can set the date and time when the item is visible to students by using Adaptive Release option. You can also use Adaptive Release to limit the AU Teams Meeting Link to a group of students (e.g. a seminar group).

Editing the Meeting

If you make a mistake setting up a meeting you must:

  • Delete the meeting from Blackboard
  • Delete the meeting from your calendar
  • Set up a new meeting in Blackboard



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