How do I set up an online computer practical?

If you have an online computer practical timetabled for your students, they will be using the Guacamole system to connect to a university computer.

You will need to include the FAQ Can I access the software on University computers from elsewhere? in your Blackboard module.

You should put this information clearly in your module alongside other information on your practicals.

If you are also using Microsoft Teams to meet online with your students during a practical:

Online events should be set up to use the same timings as timetabled events:

  • Start at 10 minutes past the hour and finish at 10 to the hour.
  • Students should not login to Guacamole earlier than 10 minutes before the session starts as other students may be using the computers.
  • Students should log off as soon as possible at the end of the session as others may need to use the computers.

If you are using another tool to meet with your students online during a practical:

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