How do I import records from Primo into EndNote?

These are instructions on how to import records from Primo into Endnote (desktop).

  • In Endnote (desktop), make sure that Integrated Library & Online Search Mode is selected

endnote integrated search

  • Under Online Search in the Groups pane, click on more ...

groups pane

  • In the menu displayed click on: Aberystwyth U then click on Choose

If Aberystwyth U does not show in the menu, you need to download a connection file for it ( How do I do that? )

choose a connection dialogue

A Primo search form will then appear to the right of the Groups pane

search dialogue

An Aberystwyth U group will also appear under Online Search in the Groups pane.

The Author, Year and Title are listed as the search defaults. You may wish to change one (or more) of these e.g. to Any Field . You can also add more search fields by clicking the plus button

  • Enter your search term(s) and click Search

A dialogue box appears, confirming the number of matches found.

  • Click on OK to download the matched records; they will list below the Search form and the number downloaded will be displayed next to the Aberystwyth U group

If you choose a common term and find a couple of hundred results it may take a little while before they all display.

  • Click on the All References group to display any existing references in your EndNote library and the new references you have found.
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