How do I use equations in Blackboard? (Staff)

Blackboard includes an equation editor that is based on JavaScript. You can add equations into any area of Blackboard that has a Visual Text Box Editor with the Maths Editor button screenshot of the Maths Editor button in Blackboard.

Insert an equation

  • Click on the Maths Editor button
  • A pop-up window will open:

  • Type the equation into the box
  • To insert a special symbol, click on one of the symbol sets in the toolbar and then click on a symbol to select it.
  • Once you have finished your equation, click on Accept to add it to your Blackboard item.
  • When you are happy with the content item, click Submit and the equation will appear as part of the content item.

To modify an equation, click on the equation within the text box. This will highlight the whole equation. Then click on the Maths Editor button. This will launch the maths editor with your equation ready for editing.

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