How do I email students in my Blackboard module? (Staff)

Blackboard allows you to send email to any University address, Emails can be sent to all users on a module, groups on a module or selected individuals on a module using the Send Email option. Emails may be sent to module participants or to individuals.

Note: You can only send email, you cannot read email within Blackboard.

Send email to module participant(s)

Go to a module and go to Tools and select Send Email.

  • Select who you want to email.

  • Write your message and press Submit and OK.

The options shown here may change according to the way the module has been set up.

  • Click the link for the user/s you wish to email.
    • If you have chosen either Select Users or Select Groups, use the Arrows to move users or groups from the Available to Select box into the Selected box.

Note: If you email Select Users, the message you see will not list the users but only the module ID. Please do not panic - this does not mean that the message has been sent to the entire class list. It is just to protect your recipients from knowing who else received the message.

  • Enter a subject and type your message.
  • You can add attachments if you like. Please remember that if you are sending the email to a large number of people this may use up a lot of the system resources, so keep any files you send to the minimum size possible.
  • Click Submit.
  • You will receive a copy of the message in your University email account.

Course Builders for a module receive all email sent to students/staff on that module via Blackboard's email system, even though they don't appear in the module staff list.

Notes: The Send email to module participant(s) can be turned off for individual modules ( How do I do that? )

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