How do I see course documents, assessments, etc. when my students cannot see them? (Staff)

Menu items and course content can be unavailable to students for a number of reasons:

Content that is not visible to students will show the message Item is not available.

screenshot of an item that is not visible in Blackboard

If an item is in a folder, both the item and the folder must be available in order for students to see the item.

To make a folder, content item or assignment visible:

  • Click on the arrow next to the content name.

  • Select Edit.

  • Scroll down to Options.

  • Select Permit Users to View Content.

  • Click Submit.

To make a test available:

  • Click on the arrow next to the test name.
  • Click Edit the test options.
  • Scroll down to Test Availability.
  • Click the Yes next to Make the link available.
  • Press Submit.

Note: If you are using time release, you must also tick the box to make the item available.

If you are using material from an old module, check that you have the correct dates for the current year, as old modules may still contain dates from the previous year.

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