How do I save a module reading list I am working on in Aspire?

If you have made changes or added content to a new or existing reading list in Aspire that you do not wish to publish yet, you must save the list as a draft in Aspire before signing out of Aspire.

  • Visit the list in Aspire
  • Click Edit then Edit List(classic)
  • Click Save Draft on the right of the page

Click save draft button

Drafts are only visible when you are signed into Aspire.

If you have saved a draft of an existing list, next time you visit Aspire you will find both a published and draft version of the list.

If you view the published list it will display this message

You can click on unpublished changes to visit the draft list. Once you publish the draft list, the changes in the draft are applied to the published list.





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