How do I stream Panopto recordings? (Staff)

To live stream a Panopto recording you may either make it available through a Blackboard module, or a public link shared with viewers in advance.

If you do not intend to use Panopto with Blackboard contact the e-learning team on to discuss your requirements.

Making a live stream available in a Blackboard module

This can be set up in advance and the web address for the live stream given to students before an event.

Go to and:

  • Sign in with Blackboard using your AU username and password.

  • Click on Create (at the top of the screen) and Webcast:


In the new window that opens:

  • Give the session a name.
  • Select the module folder where you want to make the recording available.
  • Click Create.

  • This opens a new screen with a web address. Make a note of the url, this is the address that will be needed to access the live stream.

  • You can now email the web address to the students, or post it in the Blackboard module.

  • If viewers click on the link before the live broadcast, they will see a holding message.

Starting the live stream on the day of the broadcast

  • On the day of the broadcast open up Panopto, which is available on all teaching machines or can be downloaded in advance, How do I install the Panopto recorder on my own computer?

  • Sign into Panopto through Sign in with Blackboard.

  • Click on the folder icon and find the module where you set up the original webcast.

  • You should see your webcast listed under this folder.

  • Click on Record to this Session.

  • You can select which screen you broadcast as part of the stream using the Secondary Sources, e.g. video, document camera, or a second screen.

  • When you are ready press RECORD. Note: The webcast's url will appear at the bottom the recording screen.

  • Viewers will then see your screen/powerpoint presentation etc. appear in place of the holding message, but there will be a delay before the stream appears on the viewer's screens.

  • Once you have finished the recording, press STOP . This will begin uploading the recording on the Panopto server, where it can then be made available through Blackboard, How do I link to a Panopto recording in Blackboard?

Questions from Viewers

The live stream option lets viewers ask the presenter questions. Viewers will see a box at the bottom of their screens, and can ask questions that then pop up in the recorder for the presenter to see.

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