How do I use a softphone and a Jabra speaker for a conference call?

  • You can make an ad-hoc conference call with up to four participants. If you require a conference call with more than four participants, you will need to book a conference extension (How do I do that?)
  • Download and install the Cisco Jabber softphone (Where do I find it?)
  • Plug the Jabra conference speaker and microphone in to your computer
  • Open the Cisco Jabber shortcut
  • If you have borrowed one of the conference extension numbers, log in with the details that were provided. If you have a license to use the softphone, log in with your AU username and password
  • Click the settings button at the top right then go to File and Options

  • Select Audio on the left and make sure you have selected Jabra Link for the speaker and microphone

  • You can now make and receive calls. If you have booked a conference extension, you will need to start the conference from another phone (How do I do that?). You can dial in to the conference number from the softphone when it's running
  • You can also start a conference call with up to four participants without booking a conference extension (How do I do that?)
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