How do I manually enrol users on my Blackboard module? (Staff)

Staff and student access to Blackboard is controlled through AStRA:

  • Registered students are automatically enrolled onto their Blackboard modules.

  • Staff are added through AStRA. For more information see: this FAQ.

  • External Examiners are also added through Astra.

This ensures information in the Modules database matches the information in Blackboard with fewer potential administrative problems later. However, there are some occasions when users need to be manually added:

  • Special Blackboard modules (that do not feed through from AStRA).

To add users manually:

  • Log on to Blackboard and open the desired course.
  • From the Control Panel, select Users and Groups and click on Users.
  • Select Find Users to Enrol.
  • Enter the username (University login without or click Browse to search by Last Name.
  • Select the role.
  • Click Submit.

Note: Users must be removed manually from the module once they no longer need access. How do I do that?

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