How do I transfer records from EndNote Web to EndNote and vice versa?

When opening EndNote X5 there is a prompt to connect to "Integrate with your EndNote Web account". If you don’t follow the prompt, you can set up the transfer once EndNote X5 has opened

Open a new or existing library in EndNote X5


EndNote Web in the Group pane, click on configure …

In the dialogue box that appears type in your EndNote Web username and password and click on OK

Then under EndNote Web in the Group pane, click on transfer …

      After a little while this dialogue box appears


Select Transfer References from Web to Desktop and deselect Include File and Figure Attachment

Then select Transfer. You may be prompted to enter you password and user name. Then the references will transfer into your desktop Endnote

To transfer back to Endnote web click Transfer in the Group pane and select Transfer References from Desktop to Web

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