How do I manage the tool availability in my Blackboard module? (Staff)

Within each Blackboard module there are a variety of tools. These tools are accessed through buttons down the left-hand side of the screen. However, you may find that you don't want students to use all these tools, or that they are not suitable for your module. If this is the case you can modify which tools are available.

To change the area availability

  • Log in to Blackboard and then click on the module you want to modify.
  • In the Control Panel, select Customisation  and Tool Availability .

You are then presented with a page of all the available tools:

image of the tool availability screen in Blackboard

If Available is ticked, the tool is available to students. For some tools, you also have the option to allow Guests or Observers to see the tools (guests and observers access are turned off by default in Blackboard so ticking these will not affect your course) .

By default Blackboard makes all tools available, so that they appear either as buttons down the left-hand side of the screen or as icons in the Tools areas. To remove an option, un-tick the box in the appropriate column.

Once you have selected the changes you wish to make, click Submit.

You can alter your choices at any time. You may find that you want to introduce a new option to the module or remove one that you are not using. It is often a good idea to let the students know of such changes by adding an announcement to the Blackboard module.

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