How do I add foreign characters to a Blackboard module?

Foreign characters may be added to an Blackboard module by using the character map. This is available from the Start menu under Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map .

Then click on the character you wish to include. There are three options for getting this into Blackboard:

  • Each character can be copied by clicking on Copy and then pasting (using ctrl + v) into Blackboard.
  • Use the code shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the Character Map e.g. a small a with a grave accent (à) is achieved by holding down the ALT key and typing 0224. Please see the chart below.
  • Dragging and dropping the character from the Character Map into Blackboard.

Note: Following the Microsoft Office key strokes for including diacritics does not work consistently.

Diacritic chart

When inserting these characters, please use the numerical keypad to the right of the keyboard. Also make sure that the Number Lock (Num Lock) is on. To insert the character hold down the alt key (alt) and, whilst holding it down, type the number code given after the + in the list below.

These are just a selection of the diacritics available - please refer to the Character Map for a longer list.

LetterKey CombinationLower-case LetterKey CombinationUpper-case Letter
A alt + 0224 à (lower-case a, grave accent) alt + 0192 À (upper-case A, grave accent)
  alt + 0225 á (lower-case a, acute accent) alt + 0193 Á (upper-case A, acute accent)
  alt + 0226 â (lower-case a, circumflex) alt + 0194 Â (upper-case A, circumflex)
  alt + 0228 ä (lower-case a, umlaut) alt + 0196 Ä (upper-case A, umlaut)
E alt + 0232

è (lower-case e, grave accent)

alt + 0200 È (upper-case E, grave accent)
  alt + 0233 é (lower-case e, acute accent) alt + 0201 É (upper-case E, acute accent)
  alt + 0234 ê (lower-case e, circumflex) alt + 0202 Ê (upper-case E, circumflex)
  alt + 0235 ë (lower-case e, umlaut) alt + 0203 Ë (upper-case E, umlaut)
I alt + 0236 ì (lower-case i, grave accent) alt + 0204 Ì (upper-case I, grave accent)
  alt + 0237 í (lower-case i, acute accent) alt + 0205 Í (upper-case I, acute accent)
  alt + 0238 î (lower-case i, circumflex) alt + 0206 Î (upper-case I, circumflex)
  alt + 0239 ï (lower-case i, umlaut) alt + 0207 Ï (upper-case I, umlaut)
O alt + 0242 ò (lower-case o, grave accent) alt + 0210 Ò (upper-case O, grave accent)
  alt + 0243 ó (lower-case o, acute accent) alt + 0211 Ó (upper-case O, acute accent)
  alt + 0244 ô (lower-case o, circumflex) alt + 0212 Ô (upper-case O, circumflex)
  alt + 0246 ö (lower-case o umlaut) alt + 0214 Ö (upper-case O, umlaut)
U alt + 0249 ù (lower-case u, grave accent) alt + 0217 Ù (upper-case U, grave accent)
  alt + 0250 ú (lower-case u, acute accent) alt + 0218 Ú (upper-case U, acute accent)
  alt + 0251 û (lower-case u, circumflex) alt + 0219 Û (upper-case U, circumflex)
  alt + 0252 ü (lower-case u, umlaut) alt + 0220 Ü (upper-case U, umlaut)
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