How do I copy material in from one Blackboard module to another? (Staff)

You can copy material from one Blackboard module into another if you are an instructor in both courses.

If other staff or graduate students are also responsible for the destination module, the module you are copying into, we advise that you liaise closely with them to coordinate efforts.

Individual items can be moved from one area to another within the same module, or to an area in any other Blackboard module that you are teaching. ( How do I do that? )

Material that can be copied

  • Course materials, including learning objects, external links, and documents.
  • Design of the original course, including content areas and course menu options.
  • Structure of discussion board forums.
  • For information on copyright see the Aberystwyth University Information Compliance pages:
  • Please note that hyperlinks copied over will need to be amended if they are based on permissions from elsewhere (for example, Panopto links, links to areas on other modules that students might not have access to)

Material that cannot be copied

  • Enrolments cannot be copied. In most cases, enrolments are made automatically through AStRA when students register for a module.
  • No content will be removed from the original module. To remove content at the time of copying you will need to move items individually.
  • No content will be removed from the destination module. If there are identical items in both modules, you will get two copies of that item. You can avoid duplicates by only copying selected items rather than the full list of items in the original module.
  • Postings to discussion board forums and archives cannot be copied.

Once the copy has been made, changes made in each module are independent of the other. If you want to make the same change in both modules, you must make the change in each module separately.

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