How do I add a sign-up list to a content area in my Blackboard module? (Staff)

Sign-up lists - Information for Staff

A sign-up list is a tool to allow students to sign up for an activity, such as a workshop, revision session, seminar or tutorial group. It can be added to any content area in a Blackboard module.

If you are offering a choice of several sessions, a separate list will be needed for each instance. The Create Group Set tool allows you to create multiple lists quickly with just one operation.

Note: students can sign up to more than one list. Therefore, if you are offering students a choice of sessions, you may wish to group the lists in a folder with instructions telling them that they should only sign up for one of the available options.

Create a Group Set (e.g. for multiple seminar slots)

To create a sign-up list, follow these steps:

  • From the Control Panel , click on Users and Groups and select Groups

  • Click on CreateGroup SetSelf-Enrol

  • Add a name for the group e.g. Seminar sign up
  • Select the Sign-up Sheet only option

  • Untick all the Tool Availability options
  • Untick Allow Personalization
  • Add a name for the sign-up sheet e.g. Seminar Sign-up
  • Add some instructions e.g. Please select ONE seminar group, dates and times are as follows
  • Enter the max number of members who can sign up for the group
  • Select if you would like students to see other members of the group before they sign-up
  • Tick the box Allow students to sign-up from the Groups listing page
  • Enter the number of groups you would like created
  • Click Submit

To make the sign up sheet available to students:

  • Navigate to the content area you are adding the link to
  • Click on Build Content
  • Click on Course Link

  • Click Browse 
  • The course map will open - browse to the page Groups and click to select it
  • Add/ edit the Name and description
  • Enter any date and time restrictions
  • Click Submit

This will add a link from the content area to the sign-up sheets. When the students follow this link they will see the following screen:

image of the Blackboard signup screen

If the click on the View Sign-up Sheet button they will be taken to the next screen where they can view your instructions and select their group:

image of the student's view of a sign up sheet


View students who have signed-up

To view the students who have signed up to a list:

  • Click on the sign up link
  • Click on the link for the group you wish to see
  • This will show the student view and include a list of all the students in the group

Editing the membership of the group

To manually add/delete members of the group:

  • Click on the sign up link
  • Click on the arrow to the right of the group name and select Edit Group
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen
  • You will see all the users signed up to this group 
  • To remove a user from this group, click on the cross icon
  • To add a user to this group, select Add Users

For information to provide to your students, see How do I use a sign-up list in my Blackboard module? 



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