How do I set-up and manage folders and links in my Blackboard module? (Staff)

Blackboard is organised through a series of folders. The Course Menu is the top level folder and they are called Content Areas. 

Folders can include more than just content, they can hold links, tools, and other objects. Assignments and tests can be added to content areas, there is a specific assessment folder available for this.

How do I add items to folders?

  • Open the content area you want to add material to
  • Select an item from one of the menus to add to your module
    • Build Content
    • Assessments
    • Tools

How do I manage items in folders?

  • You will see the list of items and folders you have added
  • To the left of each item or folder are some arrows image of the arrows in Blackboard
  • Left mouse click on the arrow to drag the content up or down the screen
  • This will allow you to reorder your content
  • This is the same principle used when rearranging items on the Course Menu.

How do I move items from one folder to another?

  • Navigate to appropriate Content Area for the item
  • Click on the drop down arrow next to the item and select Move

Screenshot of the drop down box with the option 'Move' circled.

  • A new page will open
  • Select the Destination module from the drop down menu
  • Click browse to find the destination folder in that module
    • The course map will open - browse to the folder where you want to put the item (use the + sign to see sub-folders)
    • Click the folder name
  • You should now see the name of the destination folder in the box
  • Select if you want to remove the item after copy
    • If you want to move the item choose yes
    • If you want to copy (duplicate) the item in both folders choose no
  • Press Submit, and the item will be moved (and deleted from original location if you selected this option)

Note: If an item is in a folder, both the folder and the item must be made available in order for students to see the item.

How do I set up and manage links?

External links can be added to any content area in Blackboard.

  • Navigate to the content area you are adding the link to
  • Click on Build Content
  • Click on URL
  • Add the name of the link, the address of the link and any description. Click Submit and the link will be added.

How do I add a link to another part of my module?

  • Navigate to the content area you are adding the link to
  • Click on Build Content
  • Click on Course Link
  • Add the name of the link
  • Click Browse next to Choose item
  • The course map will open - browse to the page you wish to link to and click to select it (this will fill in the location option)
  • Add a Name and a description
  • Click Submit

Can I link from an external web page to a location within my Blackboard module

It is not possible to link from an external web page to a location within your Blackboard module:

  • Blackboard creates pages dynamically, so the URL changes each time you access a course.
  • Trying to link to specific Blackboard pages will usually result in the link taking you to the home page if you are already logged in.
  • This is a security feature within the system.
  • Instead of providing students with a link to a specific page within your Blackboard course, you may give them instructions on how to navigate to that page.
  • You can also use module links to make such pages easier to find (such as putting a course link in an Announcement that appears as the entry point to the course).
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