How do I find full text online at AU for articles in an EndNote library?

In EndNote choose All References from the Group menu on the left.

Select the records you wish to search for the full text for e.g.

  • An individual record.
    A block i.e. select first record, hold shift and scroll down to last required record and select.
    Multiple records i.e. select the first record then holding the Ctrl key select the other required records.
    Click the References menu and select Find full text…

If shown an EndNote warning regarding download speed or copyright choose Continue or Ok .

This will begin search and download process, please wait.
EndNote will report how many PDFs & URLs it has found in the Group Menu under Find Full Text.

A paper clip icon shall appear against those reference which have successfully downloaded as PDF (these will be saved to the EndNote folder on your C:drive). If a PDF version is not available it is possible a weblink will be attached instead.

To access or view the full text, double click the record and scroll down until you reach the File Attachments section. Double click on the PDF link to show the full text. If downloaded as a web link the link will be shown in the URL section.


If Find full text is run against the same record twice it will download another PDF copy.

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