Where can I find hints and tips on managing my email?

To get the best performance from your email handler and reduce impact on the mail servers for other users we recommend that you:

  • refile messages you wish to keep from your inbox and sent items into other folders ( How do I do that? )
    - please note this does not decrease folder size or quota usage
  • delete any messages you do not need to keep, such as junk mail, personal messages, unsolicited mail, listserve content
  • download attachments from within your messages and save them elsewhere. This is especially true for non-text-based content, such as pictures, PowerPoint documents, etc, as they can use significantly more quota than text-based content, such as standard emails and tasks. ( How do I do that? )
    If the attachment and the e-mail form an official University record, it is important to retain the message and its header information as well, using the .msg format
  • archive older emails ( How do I do that? )
  • make yourself aware of the Policy on the use of email at the University and how this affects you, which you can find on the Information Policies web page

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