How do I grade the discussion board threads in Blackboard? (Staff)

Before grading a thread or forum, you must first enable grading. Grading options can be set when you create a forum. ( How do I do that? )

From the Control Panel

The advantage of this method is that it is a quick way to enter or change grades. The disadvantage is that it does not present you with the students' actual posts for review as you enter the grades.

  • Click on Grade Centre, and select Full Grade Centre.
  • Locate the column for the discussion board thread you are grading.
  • Click in the box next to the students name and manually enter the grade.

Screenshot of the grade centre in Blackboard

From the discussion board

  • Open the discussion board and select the desired forum and thread.
  • Click the Grade Thread button at the top of the page.


Screenshot of the grade thread button in Blackboard

  • A list of users will appear. Click Grade for each user.
  • A collection of the user’s posts in the thread will appear. Evaluate the posts and assign a grade.
  • Click Submit to add the grade to the Grade Centre
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