How do I prepare my online reading list for the academic year 2023-2024?

The Academic Engagement team is here to help you prepare your Aspire reading lists. Please contact your subject librarian (How do I do that?) or meet them on Teams (How do I do that?) or email  

Do your existing Aspire reading lists function correctly?

As part of our advice for updating your Aspire reading lists (How do I do that?) list content needs to be checked once a year to ensure that it is functioning correctly, otherwise students may not have the easy click-through experience they expect. Although the Library strives to maintain the link integrity of library resources in Aspire reading lists, they may become impaired in a number of ways over time. Links you have added to openly available web pages also need to be checked.

You are welcome to check and fix links in your Aspire reading lists yourself (How do I do that?) but you can also

  • Ask the Library: contact your subject librarian or email noting which Aspire reading lists need checking and any broken links fixing
  • Meet with your subject librarian and check / fix any links in your Aspire reading lists during a Teams meeting

Is there no Aspire reading list for a new (or existing) module? Send us your reading list content

Already know what you want on your new reading list? Email the content to and your reading list will be created and published. Please include

  • Module code and title
  • Which books are Essential - the Library will order an ebook or multiple print copies if an ebook is not available
  • Which books are Further reading - the Library will order one print copy
  • Any chapters or articles you need digitising
  • Any section names to group them under

Books will be purchased, digitisations processed and you will be contacted if there are any issues.

Complete your reading lists for modules beginning in Semester One by July 31st

The Library urges you to complete your reading lists by the following deadlines (Why does the Library need these deadlines?)

  • Semester 1 modules – 31st July
  • Modules taught over both semesters – 31st July
  • Semester 2 modules – 30th November

Problems arising from broken links or missing content in reading lists towards the start of term do impact student's engagement with module reading and their satisfaction with the module, so please contact your subject librarian as soon as possible if you won’t be able to meet these deadlines. 

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