How do I create a video assignment submission point? (Staff)

  • Those using Panopto for Assignment uploads for the first time should contact the E-Learning Team for advice.
  • A Panopto Assignment folder for the module should also be created for the assignment - (How do I do that?)
  • Log into Blackboard
  • Go to the module
  • With Edit Mode ON go to Assignments
  • Under Build Content choose Course Link
  • Click Browse and select Tools then Panopto Content


  • Add a title e.g. Submit Video Assignment 1 Here - Due date - time, day.month.year
  • Enter instructions for the students. Make it clear that they need to click into the Assignment Folder
    e.g. Please follow this link to upload your work. You will need to click into the Assignment folder to upload.
    See the following FAQ for instructions
  • Press Submit

  • Video files should be named as follows:
    • Individual assignments  - student-name-assignment-name- month-year
    • Group assignments group-name-assignment-name- month-year
  • You may want to circulate the FAQ How do I submit a Video Assignment (Student)
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