How do I clear a student's test attempt in AberLearn Blackboard? (Staff)

Problems can arise during a test if:

  • a student clicks the Back button in their browser.
  • their browser freezes.
  • their computer crashes.

The student must retake the entire test from the beginning, because there is no facility to start from where they left off.

If the test is set to allow one attempt only, the student will receive a message saying that they cannot take the test again and you must clear the student's attempt to enable them to retake the test.

To clear a student's attempt:

  • Go to the Control Panel, click on Grade Centre.
  • Click on a the down arrows next to the student's grade for the assessment.
  • Click View Grade Details.
  • Click on the Clear Attempt button for the attempt you wish to clear.

screenshot showing clear attempt button and clear attempts option