How do I use the central printers to scan a document?

  • Log in to the printer (How do I do that?)
  • Press Scan
  • Choose email or filestore depending on where you would like the scanned document to be sent
    • For email you can change the name of the file and the subject line for the email
    • *For filestore the file will be saved to your personal filestore (M drive) in a folder called Scans. The scanned files will be saved as “scan." followed by a number
  • Place your page on the glass or in the feeder
    • Place pages one at a time on the glass if you would like to scan a single side at once
    • Place pages in the feeder if you are scanning multiple pages at once
  • Press Scan
  • Once the scan is completed, place the next page(s) for scanning and press Scan More to scan more pages
  • Otherwise press Send to have the newly scanned file sent to your email/filestore

*This option is only available to AU staff and students

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