How do I move an Abercast Panopto recording from one Panopto module folder to another? (Staff)

To move an AberCast Panopto recording from one module folder in Panopto to another:

Check which folder the recording is saved in

  • Sign in with AberLearn Blackboard and log in using your AU username and password.
  • Scroll through the list of recordings under Everything, or Filter by Date, to find the recording.

The folder name should be the module code, followed by the current academic year e.g. SE31520_2016-17 .

Move the recording into the correct module folder

If a recording is in the wrong folder hover your mouse under the recording's title and select:

  • Settings

  • Folder
  • Edit

  • Use the drop-down menu to select the AberCast Panopto module folder you want to move the recording into.
  • Click Save.

The recording will now be accessible to students enrolled on the AberLearn Blackboard module associated with the AberCast Panopto module folder.

  • You will have to wait a short time for the new session to be processed.